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We believe in creating a positive, supportive culture that stimulates personal and professional growth.


Who we are

Developed by Dentists for Dentists

We are building a network of dental teams that share our core values and wish to be part of a larger community.

We believe that outstanding patient care comes from a passionate commitment to supporting the teams that deliver that care. Improved access to technology, training, management and experienced leadership benefits all of our team members.

To provide the dental community with a fresh new approach to providing optimal care to their patients. To create a community in which all participants benefit from our collective experience and resources.

The Passion in our Partnerships

The Passion in our Partnerships

Here, we partner with and support dentists to once again grow the passion in their career and be part of a community they can be proud of.

We care about your clinic team

Isolation and lack of support can stifle passion. Access to a larger community of like-minded team members provides opportunities for both personal and professional growth.

We create opportunities

By creating a community where each member can boast of a chance for personal and professional advancement, we offer a positive work culture that allows you to provide the best patient care.

We support our communities

Investing in things that matter. Help us to develop programs and initiatives that benefit your communities.

We make you proud

We are committed to creating a lasting legacy we can all be proud of. Help us achieve something special by bringing your passion and energy to Passion Dental Group.


We’ll help you grow

We believe that when we invest in our people and the community, our clinics will continue to be at the forefront of the Canadian dental industry. We invest in you – the teams providing the care.

Our teams get access to a partnership network that helps them with their specific needs. We remove the headaches of managing a dental clinic and let you focus on delivering a great dental care experience to patients.

Our Core Values

Legacy & vision we can all be proud of

Provide the best dental care possible

Create optimal patient experiences

​Create a positive working culture

Emphasize career development

Care about our communities


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Passion Dental is powered by passion. We are building a community of supportive dental clinics.

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